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Good relationships are at the core of real estate coaching – and we help brokers coach their agents to greater success. Our BrokerAdvantage program is a four part real estate coaching program developed with your needs in mind. It will help you recruit the right agents, develop them, track their success and retain them.


Our Real Estate Coaching Program

1. Agent Career Analysis

The abilities and needs of an agent change over the lifetime of their career. So it’s imperative that you know where each agent is in their career cycle. The BrokerAdvantage toolbox contains a career assessment to help you determine where each of your agents is in their career cycle. It will help you better understand your agents’ needs, develop their abilities and make long-term staffing decisions.

2. Planning for Success

BrokerAdvantage contains checklists for you to use during coaching sessions. The program ensures that your agents have meaningful, measurable goals and an understanding of expectations. It also includes follow up coaching each quarter to keep them on track.

3. Celebrating Accomplishments

Relationships are crucial to your business. Don’t miss an opportunity to reward the best in your organization. The BrokerAdvantage toolbox was devised to help each broker coach their agents and recognize their successes. Let us show you how the right approach to real estate coaching can increase the satisfaction of your agents.


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